18th March 2020:

Hey everyone,

It's been a crazy few weeks right!? Our thoughts are with the entire business community right now.

We just wanted to let you know, that with the latest updates/announcements coming from the British government, and all health organisations, we've come to the decision to make ATOMICON 100% VIRTUAL this year.

But... not only virtual... LONGER.

You see ATOMICON is no longer a one day event, it's a one month event. Starting April 1st, we'll be running virtual sessions every single weekday for all ATOMICON attendees, all in the run-up to the main event which is still happening on April 28th 2020, with the same awesome line-up - all beamed in for you to enjoy from home.

That means, the line-up just basically doubled.

What else do we have:

  • Lots more going on in the community group between now and April 28th
  • Lots more opportunities to meet each other and connect - we also have an 'ATOMICON Matchmaker' to announce very soon
  • An extended replay included in your ticket... you now get the entire replay for 12 months

Over the next week we're going to announce the agenda not only for the main event, but for all the sessions starting April 1st.

We're so excited for this. Our aim is to make ATOMICON VIRTUAL the best online event experience you have ever been in. Can't wait for you to see what else is up our sleeves.

Big love to everyone right now,

- Andrew and Pete